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What Pros Wear: Albert Pujols (Glove, Chain)

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Albert Pujols fields with a Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove.

Pujols, known mostly for punishing baseballs at the plate, isn’t too shabby a defender either.  Earlier in his career, Pujols played a serviceable third base and outfield for Tony LaRussa, before settling in at first base.  There he has won two Gold Glove Awards (’06, ’10).  Pujols has worn a few different variations of the above Rawlings PROCMHCB.  This Heart of the Hide has gold accents (because of his gold glove award), red lacing, and a “horizontal bar with X-laced” web.   Pujols has recently been using the same model but with a red web (below).  There is a discontinued glove called the PROAP5 that you might be able to find if you snoop around the internet, which is most similar to Pujols game glove.

Just an FYI, the glove referred to on Rawlings custom glove configuration tool as Pujols’ is not actually the right glove.  The web is totally wrong.  That site is not reliable at all, actually.  Every glove we have checked there has been incorrect.  The most similar glove you’ll find to Pujols’ currently is the Rawlings PROCMHCB2, which is the same great first baseman’s glove, just without the red lacing and webbing.

We would be remiss not to at least mention Albert Pujols’ chain.  You’ve all probably noticed over his career that he wears a gigantic metal rope around his neck, and we did a little research to try to figure out what it is.

albert pujols titanium

Pujols’ gaudy-looking bling is a titanium chain.  We found one very similar to the chain-link he is wearing with the Angels in Spring Training.  Beware: that thing looks like it would weigh a lot of us down!

Here are the links:

Rawlings PROCMHCB2

Titanium Oval-Link Cable Chain from titaniumstyle.com

More options for titanium chains at Amazon

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  1. what cleats and wrist band does he wear

    1. Look at this Player Profile under the Player Profiles tab on the top right. Thanks for looking.

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