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What the Pro Wears: Bryce Harper (Glove, Sunglasses, Necklace)

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Bryce Harper wears a custom Akadema AMR 34 glove and Oakley Radar Path sunglasses.


Though he grew up a catcher, the Nationals organization quickly moved Bryce Harper to the outfield immediately after he was drafted number one overall at age 17.  Harper showed us the gritty, bruiser mentality common for a catcher when he smashed into the wall to rob Juan Uribe of extra bases on Sunday.  After a spectacular catch, Harper got leveled by the wall, stumbled backwards, then came up throwing to first, thinking double play…

Harper made that snag with a custom Akadema AMR 34.  Bryce’s glove looks like a very dark grey with red lacing and white welding.  Check out the screengrab for Bryce’s leather, and below that is the AMR 34 showcased in a quick Youtube clip…

Bryce Harper played with a custom pair of the Oakley Radar Path sunglasses on the back of his hat, which you can get very close to on Oakley’s Custom Builder.  Here is a screenshot…

Harper’s Oakley Radar Path on the wrong side of his head.

The specs to create these glasses, from what we could tell, are as follows:

  • Frame: Plasma
  • Lens: Black Iridium Path
  • Icon: Polished Chrome
  • Earsock: White

Around his neck, Bryce Harper is another Phiten fan, rocking the Phiten Classic in black with white writing.  This is available online.

Here are the links:

Akadema AMR 34 (not Bryce’s colors, but his glove model)

Oakley Custom Builder

Oakley Radar Path (in case you just want Bryce Harper’s model and not his color scheme)

Phiten Classic (the one Harper wears looks exactly like the one in the feature photo)

Thanks for looking.  Follow us @whatproswear for instant updates.  Probably going to get back to updating the gear for our current roster of players tomorrow.


  1. what about his bat?

  2. I think Bryce is rocking some new Oakley sunglasses. They look like radars but not quite. You can find it on the baseball tonight segment on Espn.com

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