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What the Pro Wears: Chase Utley (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Chase Utley wears a Rawlings Pro Preferred and Oakley sunglasses in the field.

Chase Utley’s glove has been the same Rawlings Pro Preferred Pro-I Web that he’s been using as far back as WPW could see.  You can even see the light tan Rawlings in the below clip, a quick double play Utley turns in the 2008 World Series.  What you’ll also see is the red Franklin Pro Classic batting glove Utley wears under the Rawlings, a common trick that adds a little more padding to prevent stinging, but also creates a more stable fit.  Utley’s glove is difficult to find, though we did find it available online at Eastbay, most likely in limited quantity.

A quick lesson on Rawlings model numbers, the model we see Utley wearing is the PROS15IC—-however, the “5” in that number usually refers to the trapeze web you see here—-for a reason that What Pros Wear hasn’t figured out yet, the 5 and 7 sometimes flip-flop on Pro Preferred gloves.  Regardless, Utley’s Pro Preferred is exactly like the one you see above, with light tan/dark tan leather/lacing and the Pro-I Web.

UPDATE (3.15.12): WPW Reader Ryan brought it to our attention that Utley’s game glove is not in fact a PROS15IC.  It is an identical, extremely rare Pro Preferred called a PROTROY11K (pictures below).  The difference is that the PROTROY11K is 11 1/4 inch while the PROS15IC is 11 1/2.  Thanks a lot Ryan, we appreciate the feedback.  It’s awesome to have people out there helping us out.

Chase Utley Glove

Chase Utley Game Used

Utley, a Fielding Bible Award winner in 2010, wore custom Oakley Radar sunglasses last year.  The Oakleys you see in the picture above are exactly like the Radars Utley wore late last year, which you can build with Oakley’s custom tool.  Phillies fans (like the ones in the video below) are hoping Chase can recover after a knee injury hampered him in 2011.  Utley is a pleasure to watch and WPW is rooting for a bounce back year in 2012.

Here are the links:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15IC at Eastbay

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15ICB (Black version of Utley’s model)

Franklin Neo Classic Batting Gloves (Franklin Pro Classics are pretty much extinct)

Oakley Radar Custom Builder (Utley wears a “Team Red” frame and a “Positive Red Iridium” lense)

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    1. Daniel, thanks for looking and for the tip. A lot of guys try different gloves during the spring only to go back to their usual glove on opening day, so we won’t make any changes until the regular season starts. Still, thanks for letting us know what you saw.

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