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What the Pro Wears: Jose Reyes (Bat, Cleats, Batting Gloves)

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Jose Reyes is yet another Marucci guy.


Mets fans, for all their suffering, might suffer even more without Reyes in their lineup in 2012.  And worse, he’s playing for their division rival, the new-look Miami Marlins.  Reyes had an absolutely monster comeback year in 2011, winning his first batting title with a .337 average, scoring 101 runs, 39 stolen bases and 54 XBHs, including 16 triples!  He is an Under Armour guy, and unfortunately for us, his gear is very difficult to find for sale.  His Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST exclusive cleats (above) are almost impossible to even find a photo of, let alone find for sale—-although you will find some on eBay.  It seems like they’ve been discontinued, but Reyes continues to wear them.  We checked if he was wearing them in Spring Training for the Marlins and, in fact, he is–with the same white/black/orange colorway (below).

The batting gloves he wore late in the year and is still wearing with Miami are non-existent even on Under Armour’s site.  Under Armour seems to make models/designs of batting gloves and cleats that are 100% exclusive to the player—-something we’ve noticed with other Under Armour contract guys.  However, we did look back and find Reyes wearing a pair of Under Armour Yard IV batting gloves which you see above.  We also saw him in the “VI” version below.

under armour batting gloves
The two versions of the Yard batting gloves shown are available online, though the IV’s in the feature picture are much more rare.  The ones we couldn’t find though, are the ones he’s wearing currently.  There just doesn’t seem to be any design similar on the market.

Reyes swings a Marucci JR7 signature bat, which is available online.  Based on the knob in the below picture, it looks like he swings a 33.5/31.5.  Marucci, an obscure name in comparison to the Louisville Sluggers and Rawlings of the world, is quite an interesting story.  The small bat company actually came to prominence through the personal endorsement of Eduardo Perez, a former Major Leaguer and son of Reds great Tony Perez.  There is an awesome Sports Illustrated piece about how Marucci has grown to be so popular in the Major Leagues here.

jose reyes bat, marucci bat

Here are the links:

Under Armour Yard Batting Gloves (Reyes has worn the IV’s and the VI’s)

Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST (you’ll see some of the II’s mixed in there, but Reyes wears the originals)

Marucci JM7

Next up: Reyes in the field!

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