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What the Pro Wears: Matt Kemp (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Matt Kemp is a rare Easton guy. Bravo, Easton.

Matt Kemp is making it look way too easy.

Playing in Tinseltown, Kemp has made himself a household name, and not just as a ballplayer.  Not that we were around for the original, but he might just be the closest thing we’ll ever get to Joe DiMaggio.  Not only is he a superstar centerfielder, but he socializes with the biggest names in show-business.

Which makes it even more of a surprise that it was Easton who inked him to an endorsement deal and not the Jordans of the world.  Nevertheless, Kemp makes it look good.  We saw a few different batting gloves on him this year, including the two Easton SV12 gloves you see above.  The white on white is actually available online, while the blue is an exclusive colorway and you can find a similar blue/white pair, but not exact.  The most recent glove we saw, however, is somewhat of a mystery.  It has the same exact design as the SV12, but a completely new logo that Easton just recently moved to (the blue glove in the inset you see below).

Easton SV12

New Easton logo

Stay tuned as we will be updating Kemp’s Player Profile page (top right of our website) for this new logo as soon as we get the information.  As you can see, it is the same linear design and colorway, just with the new logo added.

On his feet, Kemp switched out his Easton cleats for the Nike Air Max Diamond Elite Fly you see above.  With all the laps he was taking around the bases in 2011, its no wonder he needed new tires.  Kemp ran (and trotted) his way to a 30-30 season and won both the home run and RBI titles in the National League.

What’s so remarkable about the following highlight reel is that the majority of the home runs you’ll see go to center/right-center, and are absolutely crushed.  The power Kemp shows is startling when you see these blasts one after the other.  Message to NL right-handers EVERYONE: DO NOT THROW MATT KEMP A FASTBALL PITCH TO MATT KEMP.  EVER.

UPDATE: Just added Kemp’s bat, which is a Rawlings Big Stick Adirondack Pro.  We could find very little about Kemp’s specific bat, because there is no model number or specifications on the knob.  There are Rawlings bats out there that look identical, but there is no way to know exactly what Kemp’s exact specifications are.  Here are a couple more pictures.

Here are the links:

Easton SV12 Batting Gloves White/White (again, the blue/blue with white trim are exclusive to Kemp)

Nike Air Max Diamond Elite Fly (blue/white are a few links down)

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Next up: Kemp’s fielding gear

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