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What the Pro Wears: Matt Kemp (Glove, Sunglasses)

Matt Kemp glove model, matt kemp sunglasses, fast jacket, oakley

Matt Kemp wears a custom Easton H-Web glove.

Easton has proven to be our most difficult manufacturer to figure out.  What we know is that Kemp’s glove is a custom Easton H-Web model most similar to the epg 80b (see below).  This glove is readily available on many retail sites, but we found no colorway variations like the one that Kemp flashed in his 2011 Gold Glove season, his second (2009).

Easton epg 80b

Kemp wearing his Easton glove and Power Balance repertoire.

The Oakleys seen in the picture, Flak Jacket style, were swapped out by Kemp late in the season and he is currently wearing the sky blue Fast Jacket style you see in the top photo.  What Pros Wear photoshopped in those lenses because it looks like Kemp was able to get a custom pair a little bit before the general public (based on the Oakley site not having the Fast Jacket style as an option for customization yet).  Regardless of the frames, these sunglasses look like they were made for the Dodgers’ center fielder, sky blue and stealthy.

On Kemp’s neck and wrists, he wears “Power Balance” pendants and wristbands.  He wears two blue Power Balance wristbands, and we’ve seen white, red, and blue silicone pendants on his neck.  The other necklace a little tighter around his neck is a Rawlings Power Balance necklace.  We’ve seen him wearing both black and blue—-however we were only able to find the black one online.

Here are the links:

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses

Easton epg 80b Glove

Rawlings Power Balance Necklace

Power Balance Silicone Pendant (we’ve seen him in white, red, and blue)

Power Balance Wristband

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  1. Matt kemp I hope one day I can meet u. I’m a big fan of yours. One day I hope I can get a autograph from u.

    From your biggest fan: Joselyn Rojas

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