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What the Pro Wears: Ryan Braun (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Ryan Braun fields with a custom version of the Wilson 1799-b.

So it turns out Ryan Braun isn’t one for accessorizing.  Where I usually highlight the necklaces and bracelets and other accents that players are wearing, I found nothing but a glove.  I really had to dig just to find evidence of Braun wearing sunglasses (all the way back in Spring Training).

Though Braun doesn’t fuss much with flair, he does far more than the bare minimum in left field.  Braun led all of the Major Leagues in outfield fielding percentage in 2008, led NL left fielders in fielding percentage in 2009 and 2011, and led NL left fielders in range factor in 2009.  Braun currently leads all active left fielders in career fielding percentage.

Ryan Braun wears a custom Wilson 1799-b glove.  It is the same model as you see in the feature, however, his glove has grey on the thumb, strap, and index finger.  I went to Wilson’s custom glove builder to see if we could set one up like this too, but the customization options were putrid.  You can put your name on it, choose “traditional” or “pro-stiff” for breaking in, and that was about it for the 1799-b.  Despite the lack of customization, Braun’s glove model is very much available online.

Braun’s grey thumb, strap and index finger on his Wilson 1799-b. Screenshot from MLB.com.

Another view. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Braun’s sunglasses (which we last saw him wearing in Spring Training) are the Nike Show-x1 style.  It looks like he was wearing navy with a white swoosh, which, like many of the players’ Nike sunglasses we’ve profiled, is a custom colorway.  The Show-x1 is available online in a few different colorways, though.

Since I couldn’t really bring much to you by way of equipment, I did a little snooping for some interesting Braun stuff.  And I’m always searching for lifestyle stuff where I can.  Here’s Brauny in a pretty funny (though strange) Muscle Milk commercial…

Though the premise is a little wacky, the fact that Braun has his pick of the litter when it comes to women is very real.  You want proof?  Here’s his girlfriend.  And his ex.

Can’t argue with results.

Here are the links:

Wilson 1799-b Glove

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  1. you missed that Braun swings a Sam Bat RB8 which is his signature model.

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