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What the Pro Wears: Starlin Castro (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Starlin Castro wears Nike Huarache 2KFresh cleats and swings a M9 S318.

First of all, my apologies for not posting the last few days.  I was visiting friends in LA and was having way too much fun.

Starlin Castro is without question one of the brightest young stars in the game.  As the first MLB player ever born in the 1990s, Castro hit a cool .300 in his rookie year—before he could legally drink a beer.  In his first full season, 2011, he led the NL in hits with 207 while swiping 22 bags in his first All-Star campaign.  What’s even more remarkable, is that Castro, at 21 years old, became the youngest player to ever lead the NL in hits.

Castro’s is the type of swing that wins batting titles, and in those lightning-quick hands is the Louisville Slugger M9 S318.  That exact model is available, but the only one they do sell has Dustin Pedroia’s signature on it, not that it really matters.

Castro runs well in the Nike Huarache 2KFresh in royal/white.  These ARE available in his colors, and also in several other colorways.

Starlin’s batting gloves are a little trickier and my research also raised some questions about Curtis Granderson‘s as well.  The TPX Bionic batting gloves look identical to the TPX CB1 batting gloves, except that the Bionics have a pad on the palm under the pinky, presumably as a way to combat stinging.  It doesn’t look like Castro has this pad, so the batting gloves that are most like his are the CB1 style.  Castro wears a white/royal/red version at home, similar to his 2011 version that you see in the feature.  Though you can’t buy gloves exactly like his, there is a pair of CB1’s which have the same colors, just in different parts of the glove.  On the road, he wears a grey/red/royal version.

Here are the links:

Louisville Slugger M9 S318 (this goes to all S318’s but the only M9 version has Pedroia’s signature on it)

Nike 2KFresh in Royal/White

Nike 2KFresh (general search, even includes youth version)

TPX CB1 Batting Gloves (the white/royal/red version is the most similar to Castro’s exclusives)

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