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What the Pro Wears: Starlin Castro (Glove, Sunglasses, Arm Sleeve)

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Starlin Castro fields with the A2000 1786 SS (available) and wears an exclusive pair of Nike Show-x1 sunglasses.

Starlin Castro is not known for his defense (yet).  In fact, people tend to be critical when talking about his play in the field.  If I could speak to his critics, I would ask: were you a master of your profession at 22 years old?  The exceptionally young Castro has improved his fielding over his short career just as you would expect.  Here is a very quick article that demonstrates his range in an interesting way, as he leads the league in “infield knockdowns,” or keeping the ball in the infield on a play where a runner would otherwise advance.  Not that that’s proof he’s a Gold Glover in the making, but it’s a very valuable stat.

Starlin Castro wears a Wilson A2000 1786-SS, and from what we saw, the version he uses is exactly like the black/light brown version you see in the feature.

Starlin’s A2000 1786-SS. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

For those iconic Wrigley day games, you will catch Castro wearing Nike Show-x1 exclusive sunglasses.  His colors are similar to the style in the feature, except that the lense is the “Grey with Orange Flash” color and the nose piece is white.  Starlin’s are actually a mash-up of the versions already available online.

Here’s a good look at Castro’s Show-x1 sunglasses. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Castro also wears a Phiten sleeve most like the MLB Authentic Collection Power Sleeve pictured, except that the Phiten logo is lower down and grey instead of black.  It is otherwise identical, and the version in the feature is available online.

Here are the links:

Wilson A2000 1786-SS Glove (Castro’s is the lighter brown version, not the darker brown version which seems to have better availability)

Nike Show-x1 Sunglasses (Again, Castro’s is an exclusive version that looks like the white/red and white/blue combined)

Phiten MLB Authentic Collection Power Sleeve in white

Going to get back to updating tomorrow.  A-Rod first, since it looks like Tulo’s is pretty much the same (though I will double-check that.

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  1. why does he use golf glasses

    1. Noah, good question. I bet his don’t say Nike Golf on them, but the ones sold in stores probably do. I got that image from Nike’s website. Good find!

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