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What the Pro Wears: Troy Tulowitzki (Batting Gloves, Cleats, Glove, Sunglasses)

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Troy Tulowitzki wears the Rawlings model PROTT2 glove (See update below *with pictures*).

Tulowitzki is the best all-around shortstop in the game, and he is also one of the most stylish.  His glove is a Rawlings model PRONP4DCB (OUR FIRST EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!  A RAWLINGS REP CONTACTED WHAT PROS WEAR AND HERE IS WHAT WE LEARNED: TULO IN FACT WORE THE PROAK2, ADAM KENNEDY’S MODEL, BUT WILL BE WEARING A BRAND NEW MODEL SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR HIM THIS YEAR, MODEL PROTT2—-RAWLINGS REP SAYS WE MAY NOT SEE A PICTURE UNTIL SUMMER, BUT WE’LL ADD THE PROAK2 IN THE MEANTIME SEE FIRST PICTURES OF TULO’S NEW LEATHER BELOW!).  To complement his smooth defensive play, he can also be seen wearing Gargoyle Gamer flip-up sunglasses.  Tulo is a two-time reigning Gold Glover AND three-time Fielding Bible Award winner at Shortstop (2007, 2010, 2011).  Oh, and he also pulled off one of these, unassisted, only the 13th time in MLB history.

troy tulowitzki glove model, troy tulowitzki glove, rawlings glove, rawlings pronp4, rawlings proak2, rawlings prott2

First look at Tulo's PROTT2 (courtesy of Rawlings)

troy tulowitzki glove model, troy tulowitzki glove, rawlings glove, rawlings pronp4, rawlings proak2, rawlings prott2

The profile, PROTT2 (again courtesy of Rawlings)

troy tulowitzki cleats, troy tulowitzki batting gloves, nike shox, nike diamond elite

Tulo wears Nike Shox Fuse 2 spikes and Nike Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves.

Tulo has been known to wear custom gear throughout his career, though he was last seen with the flashy Nike Shox Fuse 2 player exclusives you see above.  Coupled with those slicks, his black/purple Nike Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves gave the shortstop a look reminiscent of comic-hero Phantom.  After posting a line of .302/30/105 in another All-Star/Gold Glove/Silver Slugger season, he’s filling those “super-hero” shoes quite nicely.

Here are the links:

Rawlings PRONP4DCB

**No link for Rawlings PROTT2 because this is the first we’ve seen it. PROAK2, Tulo’s 2011 glove, is available, however.

Gargoyle Gamers

Nike Shox Fuse 2 (your best bet to replicate any exclusive color scheme is Nike’s customization tools)

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves

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