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What the Pro Wears: Yoenis Cespedes (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guard)

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Yoenis Cespedes, wearing Cutters, has treated Oakland to some tape-measure shots early in 2012.

America’s first Youtube sensation turned MLB star (Bryce is still in AAA, people), Yoenis Cespedes blasted his way onto the scene with a 464-foot moonshot off Jason Vargas on April 6th.  Cespedes’, who stops and stares at his homeruns before leaving the box, is what your dad might call a showboat, but we at WPW dig the flash (it makes our job more fun).  If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to skip through Cespedes’ Hollywood-inspired recruiting video.

The hard work seems to be paying off—not only in the form of Cespedes’ 4 year, 36 million dollar deal—but also in Yoenis’ frighteningly explosive physical tools.

Cespedes wears Cutters C-Tack Pro batting gloves, one of their rare MLB appearances (though they always seem to have a few guys).  The “tack” part seems especially important for Yoenis, considering the ferocious hacks he takes…

Cespedes has been seen wearing a few different versions of the Cutters, including a white/green, a green/black, and the ones you see below.

These colorways could not be found online, but the C-Tack Pro model is abundantly available.

Cespedes’ bat is somewhat of a mystery, mainly because we did not recognize his bat’s logo.  Instead of backing off from posting, I figured maybe I could get the WPW readers involved.  If anybody knows the below logo, tweet me @whatproswear or comment here and let me know so I can fix it and I’ll shout you out.  Based on the evidence we could find, Cespedes had been swinging a black barrel/dark brown handle MaxBat in spring, but at some point switched over to the below model/brand.

Mystery Bat.

UPDATE 4.13.12: I knew you guys would come through… The bat above, thanks to WPW reader Jack Alexander, is a Chandler brand maple.  From what we learned, the brand is only 2 and a half years old, and is used not only by Cespedes but by Josh Hamilton, Shane Victorino, Raul Ibanez, Jesus Montero and according to Jack (who helped us out), Mike Napoli among others.  The Chandler website looks to be under construction, but we did find them available at Valle BaseballWe will let you know as soon as we hear back.  They retail at $175 a pop (we found them for sale @ $139), the most expensive wood bat on the market—but it seems like some great hitters swear by them.

Cespedes is not just a power hitter, though.  He’s shown some serious speed early on (just watching him haul down to first on a groundout is impressive), and he was a base stealer in Cuba as well.  Cespedes runs like a fullback in a custom pair of Nike Huarache LWP90 cleats, which are available, just not in his colors.

We were even able to catch what brand of elbow guard Cespedes wears.  It is a Benik E-401, which, although you’ve probably never heard of it, sounds like its pretty popular among Big Leaguers.  Here’s an article dating all the way back to 2003, which mentions Edgar Martinez, Derek Jeter, and Randy Johnson as Benik users.  The E-401 is available online in Cespedes’ dark green color.

Here are the links:

Cutters C Tack Pro Batting Gloves

MaxBat (This is the brand of bat that Cespedes was swinging in Spring Training)

Chandler Bat (only a 33/31 available) **sold out when I checked on 6.12.12, and Chandler never returned my tweets about where their product is sold**

Nike Air Huarache LWP90

Benik E-401

Thanks for looking, everybody.  And thanks again to Jack Alexander for coming through in the clutch.


  1. thats a chandler brand bat, they have grown immensely in popularity recently and have now become rather unibquitous. napoli swings one in his bat rotation.

    1. awesome jack! thanks so much for helping out. updating it now.

  2. http://www.ChandlerBats.com/

    Here is the website for Chandler…which is still pending. They are also on Facebook.

  3. Chandler bats is a bat brand in norristown, PA… many pros use it like dom brown, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and others.

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