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What the Pro Wears: Yoenis Cespedes (Glove, Sunglasses, Necklace)

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Yoenis Cespedes is the first WPW has seen with an STX glove.

Before I get started, I just want to say sorry for not having posted for the last few days.  I was in Boston visiting old friends, and I just didn’t have any time to get to it.  Trust me, I’m committed to this, and the posts will keep coming, so keep checking back.

Researching Yoenis Cespedes’ glove brought us to a company called STX, who has a website that is not functional.  The older website for the company seems to be working, and they ONLY make custom gloves.  It looks like you can customize a glove all the way down to the colors of the pinky and thumb, but there’s no visual guide, so unless you’re a master of color pallets, it might be tough.  You might also have some luck calling one of their “Dealers” and asking for Cespedes’ model.  Here’s a picture of his old Cuban national team glove…

Cuban Style.

In regards to Cespedes’ game glove, it looks just like the one in the feature photo, except the web piece is green.  It is a little curious seeing his Cuban number, 51, on a green/yellow glove he clearly made for the A’s.  Maybe he didn’t know Dallas Braden wore #51?  Perhaps he learned an important lesson from A-Rod, not to mess with Braden’s mound OR his number, for that matter.  Either way, if you’re into flashy, colorful, highly customizable gloves, this STX company might be a nice option.

Cespedes’ sunglasses are also A’s colors—a custom pair of the Oakley Flak Jacket.  You’ll have to head to the Oakley Custom Builder, since I can’t share the pair I built.  Here are the specs I used to create a clone of Cespedes’ sunglasses:

  • Frame: Team Dark Green
  • Lens: Fire Iridium XLJ
  • Icon: Satin Silver/Gold
  • Earsock: Gold

Cespedes also wears a couple different titanium necklaces, though we could only be certain of the Phiten Classic in the picture above.  The other one is very similar to the three rope necklaces we found online, but not exactly the same, so I didn’t want to steer you wrong (any ideas, folks?).

Here are the links:

STX Custom Gloves (again, I think it’d be best to give a dealer a call, maybe grab a catalog, since the custom builder has no visual aid)

Oakley Custom Sunglasses Builder

Oakley Flak Jacket (Google Shopping for Oakley’s regular options)

Phiten Classic Necklace

Phiten Classic Necklace w/MLB logos (A’s on page 4 when I searched)

Happy to be back.  Scorching-hot hitting David Wright is up next.

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One comment

  1. Thank you so much for this in-depth information about Yoenis’ gear. I was looking on the STIX customization website and found the color swatches (it’s under photo gallery), but I’m wondering if you would categorize the color on his glove as “honey” or “yellow.”

    Also, what are the colors on the inside of his glove? (This is apparently customizable too)

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