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What We Missed While I Was Blowin’ It

Garrett Richards

I went dark for about a week there because I got invited to “pitch” the concept of WPW to some investors.  There were 9 other companies pitching, including a dude that built “submarine superyachts” and another that made computer-generated 3-d models of people.  Then I came up like, “SUPPP! YOU GUYS LIKE DIGI CAMO ARM SLEEVES?”  Its safe to say Mark Zuckerberg can rest easy, I’m not coming for his job.  Funny because last weekend I was pitching a baseball, not a business plan, and that was much more fun.  Either way, I’m looking for editors (with college degrees in journalism) for basketball and soccer.  If you know a good candidate hit me up at mike@www.whatproswear.com.

Moving along… let me throw some swag at you as my humble apology.

Turns out that Kole Calhoun’s got red hair and he doesn’t care.  He’s got the wristband to prove it:

kole calhoun wristband red hair

Unfortunately I couldn’t track that one down for sale but it looked like it was available at some point at a site called “Ginger Problems.”  I guess there’s just no shame anymore.

Garrett Richards’ tragic injury robbed us from seeing these babies on the bump:

Another custom job by Recon Northwest, who is building a formidable resume amongst MLB stars.



Just want to reiterate, if you hadn’t already seen it, two Bryce Harper game spec Rawlings PROHARP34 gloves are available online.  Check ’em out here.  Check his profile here.  (Also, a cheaper “Gamer” version is designed just like the red one, which you can get here.)

As you can see in the caption, Buster’s got a little side-piece he’s been working into the rotation lately in the Marucci BP28 34/32 seen above.  It is important to mention, though, that it looks like he’s trying to patch things up with his Louisville Slugger D200, since he went yard with her earlier tonight:

With that swing though, they’re all gonna look good.

Kevin Kiermaier swinging a Phoenix Bat, a lesser known brand that bills itself as a manufacturer of “Premium Wood Bats For Hitters Who Want To Rake.”  Sounds pretty simple.  Website here.

David Price is rocking his Jordan 13s with the new club.

As you might expect you won’t be able to find these.  Custom Cleats is your only option.

I’d like to go on record and say that Josh Harrison is in direct competition with Chase Utley for the freshest batting gloves in baseball.  The one-color look just does it for me.

Might as well take it to a vote.  Harrison’s UA Yard or Utley’s Franklin Pro Classic?


Also would like to congratulate my high school and summer ball teammate Joe Panik on his first bomb and 4 hits today.  Guy just hits everywhere he goes and I don’t expect that to change.

Coming back with a vengeance next week.  Win some ballgames this weekend I’m sure its the stretch run for most of you.


  1. You ever thought about starting a WPW for hockey? Football? Just Curious

  2. You guys have to make a profile for jonathan lucroy…

  3. Kole Calhoun has been wearing a version of the Vapor Trout the last few games

  4. You should make a profile for Ty Cobb

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