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Updated: Wilson Cyber Monday/Black Friday Deals

Screw a flatscreen, buy a glove. Wilson has discounted most of their A2K models and a few of their A2000 models. Some A2000’s are $125, a 50% discount, and some A2K’s are $216, a 40% discount. Great deals and you don’t even have to brawl for them.


2016 Wilson A2K DP15
Wilson’s beloved A2K DP15 is one of those 40-percenters. Get my favorite glove of the 2016 line here.


Brandon Phillips’ model is going to be 30% off at about $250. This model is for those with some flare, so if you’re one of those guys, get it here.


Wilson A2K 1786
The 1786 is Wilson’s most popular pattern for a reason: it’s the best infield pattern, period. Big League second basemen use this glove more than any other. Pick it up here.


Wilson A2K B2
The B2 is a 12″ pitching model that looks sweet in dark brown. Buy it 40% off here.


The 1799 is widely popular in the outfield. It is 12.75″ and has an H-Web, both of which will combine to form a deep pocket. Buy it at this link.


The HR13 is Hanley Ramirez’ glove when he played the outfield. It’s a remake of the 1799 pattern, meaning 12.75″. The colorway on this is sweet, and you can get it here.

These are some sweet deals. Buying any of these gloves will be a huge score because all of these models will last a long time. If you’re wondering the very important question, A2K vs. A2000, check out our comparison here.

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