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Wilson Glove Day Videos are a Good Watch

My boy Matty directed my attention to these and its only right to share.  Wilson does an excellent job putting these together and offer a few bits of insight into the players’ choices.

The embedded video is actually a playlist, and the lineup includes not only the Phillies, but the Twins and Red Sox as well (those are new for 2014).

My favorite glove in all of these videos is Marlon Byrd’s A3000.  In high school I had the first A3000, the Bonds model.  Such a great glove.  Unfortunately she is no longer with us.

The A3000 was such a distinctive looking glove, I had never seen anything like it—and it didn’t hurt that it was light as a feather.  Marlon Byrd’s version builds off that one with those talon-like fingers.  Its a lot different than mine but even more distinctive.  Unfortunately that glove is no longer produced except for Marlon Byrd’s, “the only one in baseball,” says Byrd.

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