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WPW On-Field: Dodgers @ Giants

Michael Morse Tongue

WPW got to hit a couple of rivalry games this week and we wanted to give you a quick recap of what we saw on the field aside from Michael Morse’s very happy face.

Michael Morse Nolan Arenado Mimsband

2014 NLCS hero Michael Morse didn’t waste any time sending the AT&T crowd into an uproar when he hit a game tying bomb in his first at-bat as a Giant since the 2014 World Series.  It was also his first hit since 2015, and there are a few interesting things to note about the gear he did it with.

Number one, check the Mimsband.  That’s Nolan Arenado.  We’ve never seen a guy wear another dude’s Mimsband.  Hey if it helps you hit like Nolan I’d say stick with it.  Also, you can see that those are Hunter Pence’s Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves (Pence only has use for one anyways).  Lastly, we remember Morse swinging a Marucci back in his last stint with the Giants, and here you can see he’s swinging Louisville Slugger—the model C353 to be exact.

Christian Arroyo A2K Glove

Christian Arroyo, Giants top prospect, made his Big League debut this series, and he brought out a Wilson A2K at the hot corner.

Christian Arroyo A2000 Glove

A defensive switch shifted him over to shortstop, and Arroyo then went to an A2000.  It may be that the A2K is a little longer than the A2000, or maybe he likes the stiffness of the A2K at third.  We’ll look into it a bit more.

Sergio Romo SSK Glove

It was weird to see Sergio Romo in blue, but there’s no doubt he’s wearing it well.  The UA Heaters and Stance socks are a nice combo, and the SSK glove is a beaut.

adrian picstitch

Adrian Gonzalez got a nice hook-up from Nike this year with digi-camo Air Coop cleats and Vapor batting gloves.  Real solid look with the away grays.


Christian Arroyo Franklin Batting Gloves

More Arroyo—one of our favorite Giants batting glove colorways.  Just looks sharp with that white/orange.  Looked even better as he rounded the bases for his first Big League bomb.

Kelby Tomlinson XProtex Batting Gloves

Kelby Tomlinson wears protective batting gloves from XProtex.

Kelby Tomlinson XProtex Raykr Batting Gloves

They’re called the Raykr and can be had at this link.  I’m a big fan of MLB guys wearing hand protection.  The risk of hand injury is just too high not to consider it in my opinion.

Justin Turner Hand Protection

Justin Turner also wears hand protection in the form of some metal thing that we haven’t ID’d yet.  Leave it in the comments if you know what it is.  Also, Turner flat out rakes.

Kelby Tomlinson Kobe Cleats

Kelby Tomlinson also wore the Kobe Mentality 2 with Custom Cleats on them.

Buster Posey Marucci AM22 Maple Bat

Buster Posey made a rare switch in his lumber choice this year.  He’s swinging an Andrew McCutchen model AM22.  Marucci tells us that the AM22 is very similar to the CUTCH22, with a slightly different barrel.

Much more to come from this series but that was a little taste.

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