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WPW’s Christmas List (and some free advice about pants)

Jakes Cleats

When it comes to baseball gear, we see it all.  Having studied this stuff since 2012, it takes a lot to impress us.  With that said, baseball companies are getting insanely good at what they do, and these are the things that we are hoping will turn up under our tree in 2016.

Jake’s List

Jake Baseball Swag Sweats

Baseball Swag “Moxie” Joggers (Sold Out ?)

After I hit the gym or the cages I want to come back and relax in something that feels comfortable but also has a little bit of flash. These are the perfect mix.

Rooted Jake Tee

Routine Baseball “Rooted” Tee

This shirt is clean, and I’ve been number 11 for as long as I can remember.  This Routine/Freshletes collabo is fire.

Rawlings 1B Mitt

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCMHCBBR 1B Mitt

I need a new 1B Mitt, and my last Rawlings has been my baby since 2007. I know it sounds odd, but I love this web. The horizontal bar on the 1B mitt just feels right to me.  Anthony Rizzo also rocks this web and so did Albert Pujols before he went full-time rake (his Marucci was a Single Post though).  The Pro Preferred will take longer to break in, but once that happens, it will be a masterpiece.

George Springer Hitting 2

George Springer Axe Bat

Mookie Betts’ (and George Springer’s) Victus Axe PROPACT MB50 Bat

I’ve wanted to try the Axe handle for a LONG time now. If it’s good enough for Mookie Betts (and George Springer, pictured) to swing, it’s good enough to me. Victus is the hottest bat brand in the game right now, and I can’t wait to swing the ProPACT and see what they are all about.

Jakes Cleats

New Balance NB1 3000v3 Custom Molded Cleats

The Holy Grail.  Custom cleat builders are getting better by the year…and having played around with all of them, I can confidently say that I like New Balance’s NB1 customizer the best.  Mine would look something like ones Xander Bogaerts wears.  I prefer the feel of molded at 1B.

Mike’s List

Franklin Customs

Franklin CFX Pro Customs

I’ve worked through two pair of CFX Pro customs over three seasons now—they’re still in good shape—but I need an update.  Since the Powerstrap style isn’t available in custom (yet?), I will stick with the CFX Pros.

Franklin Customs 2

My favorite BG look is the solid color look, so I put a couple different styles together.  Which one do you like, the grey/green or the murder gloves?  (My team colors are Tulane’s colors)

Giancarlo Stanton Trout 2 Turfs 3

Trout 2 Miami Style

These are everything.  Only available on eBay.

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Mike

Nike Ultrafly Elite Cleats

I’ve dreamed of legging out swinging bunts in these babies since the day they dropped.  Honestly, I wish it was a black/green fade, but I will make it work because the performance aspects of the Ultrafly.  The low profile, ankle comfort, and true hybrid cleat configuration are too good to pass up.  I can still chase ’em down in center, and I tend to “run until they tag me” like Bryce…

harper run

…so the quick-cutting capabilities are key for me.  I currently wear the Mizuno Heist IQ which I think is the best cleat I’ve ever worn, but I’d love to give these a try.

New Balance Sliders

New Balance 4040 Over the Knee Compression Slider

I’ve been playing baseball for 26 years, so like pretty much every ballplayer, I have flesh wounds on my knee and the back of my leg for the entire season due to sliding.  We all know that feeling when we get in the shower after the game and it feels like our leg is melting off.  Somebody please get me these.  Please.

Russell Martin Show Pants

Show Pants (Majestic Cool Base HD Piped Pants)

This deserves its own post.  The vast majority of MLB guys are getting the pants all wrong, in my view.  The standard now is the baggy pants draped over the cleats look which I’m pretty sure Manny Ramirez started.  Bagginess, and the draped look, are both WRONG.  Flat out WRONG, and here are the two reasons why:

Reason #1… why do girls come to baseball games?

Baseball pants.  The reason they come (not all, but most) is baseball pants, guys.  Its not your bunt defense.  Its not your oppo approach.  Its not your changeup.  Its that taper.  That contoured fit.  In a world of 8 second attention spans, it’s the only thing we ballplayers can really bank on.  You can go 0 for 4 with 3 errors and she might not even know the difference if you’ve got the right pants on.  So why are we looking like this guy on game days?


Give the fans what they want.  Stop wearing baggy pants.

Reason #2 isn’t nearly as important, but still, it irritates me.  The draped-over-the-cleats look.  You’ve got the freshest cleats on the field, whatever they are, and you want to show ’em off, right?  So why are you covering half of them with your pants that are six inches too long for your legs?  Makes no sense to me, and so many guys in the Bigs do it.  It needs to stop.

The modern baseball pant no longer has that elastic band at the ankle, which is probably for the better, but just like a tailored suit, the pant should still end at the top of the cleat.  Russell Martin does a nice job with his, though I’d still go a little shorter.

Fact of the matter is its tough to get the right pants unless you’re getting them custom, but please do your best to follow these important rules.  You’ll thank me for it.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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