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WPW’s Comprehensive Guide to the #CWS (Part II)

I understand that the only one left in this post playing for the trophy is UCLA (they beat Mississippi State tonight for a 1-0 series advantage) but that doesn’t meant the runners up don’t have some fresh gear to gawk at.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing.  Once again, all photos from CollegeBaseballDaily.com, who has done a fantastic job capturing the action from Omaha.

oregon state compression shirt

I would rock the hell out of that Nike Elite Arm Sleeve.  I just think he missed an opportunity by going with the camo Evoshield leg guard instead of a color coordinated one.  Camo is not always the answer, kids.

oregon state faux nike

Oregon State 2B Andy Peterson wears a Wilson A2000 G4, but we all know Oregon is Nike country—so as you can see below, he’s got a Nike cover-up to appease the sponsors.

oregon state nike logo

oregon state gloves

OSU’s Right Fielder Dylan Davis gives us a good shot of the custom Beaver Nike Diamond Elite Pro II batting gloves.  This is one of my favorite versions of the hugely popular gloves.

oregon state marucci

We’re used to seeing Marucci lumber, but Andy Peterson gives us a look at Marucci’s aluminum artillery with the Black 2, seen above.

ucla lsu

In this photo I first wanted to point out the Evoshield Playcall Wristband on UCLA SS Pat Valaika.  Almost all the UCLA guys are wearing these (even the outfielders).  What could possibly be written on those things?  Scouting reports?  Spray charts?  I’m very curious to know what information they’ve got on there.  I don’t really see a need for it in baseball.

Here’s a closer look at UCLA’s custom Easton gloves for the College World Series:

easton ucla

ucla mako

Here’s UCLA OFer Brian Carroll (with playcall wristband), swinging the new Easton Mako bat. We got a little info on this today thanks to @SandlotSpikes—check out the graphic below, which shows a release date of 8.30.13:

mako info


A nice look at UCLA’s custom Evoshield wristbands.  You can get your own here.

unc evo shirt

The Evoshield take-over rolls on.  Above is UNC’s super utility man Michael Russell rocking a custom arm sleeve and an elbow guard to boot.  They’re making the elbow guard in a variety of colors now, but the iconic Columbia Blue isn’t available for us yet.

The socks up also gives us a good look at UNC’s Nike Air MVP Pro cleats.  Here’s another shot below:

unc nike air mvp


Here’s a nice shot of UNC OFer Chaz Frank swinging a Louisville Slugger 2013 Omaha, available here.


  1. Dont forget the catchers gear from each team or at least the good looking stuff like unc and my beavs ok state and others

  2. there are probaly playcards in the evoshield wristguards. my high school team uses them. its like a bingo card but with numbers. ex. 05, 4. you would go over 5, and go down 4 and it would tell you what to do, like bunt, steal, squeeze, things like that.

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