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adidas will release the adiZero Afterburner 3 “Dipped,” a new cleat being worn by speedsters Billy Hamilton, Kevin Pillar, and Melvin Upton, Jr. among others, on August 1st. Billy Hamilton showed them off a few days ago, as did Kevin Pillar: University of Miami Hurricanes will head into a Super […]

Embed from Getty Images Jurickson Profar swung his way back to the Big Leagues after a long absence due to a slew of injuries. He went deep with UA Yard Clutchfit batting gloves, but really just looked fresh in this pic with the Memorial Day UA swag so I had to […]

WPW got a chance to drop in on the champs, the Kansas City Royals, as they took on the Milwaukee Brewers last week. Most of the studs were in the lineup, so we got a little peek into what’s in store gear-wise in 2016. Salvy’s Franklin CFX Pros looked just […]

I’ve been working on non-content related stuff lately, so I put together a roundup of what we’ve been digging lately.  Before I get to that though, two questions that could determine our future together: If we had an app, aside from player profiles, what would the most important aspect be for you? Thanks and […]

adidas got in the playoff spirit with a release of their “Uncaged” collection, featuring lifelike depictions of several animals/mascots.  We first saw this concept on Kris Bryant for the HR Derby. The best part is that these will be available “later this month,” so if you’re interested, keep checking this […]

Last postseason, Lorenzo Cain stole the show in the adidas PowerAlley 2. Seeing him dash across the outfield, flying to balls in the gaps, diving to snare balls inches from the ground. The cleat stuck in my head, the simplicity of the design, the perfection of the colorway, the whole […]

Yesterday we posted a shot of a Carlos Gomez Instagram post showing some unknown adidas cleats.  We mentioned that it was subsequently taken down by Carlos (likely by the request of adidas), so we contacted adidas Baseball to see if we could get any details on this unique style. Adidas […]

By Ben Stockton As intensely interested as I am in footwear, I have always had an eye on the cleats worn by MLB players. I’ve asked myself, is every brand equally represented in baseball?  Do the top-, mid-, and lower-tier players wear equal amounts of each brand? How do those brands fluctuate over time? […]

Prior to the inception of “Boost,” adidas had a reputation for firm midsoles constructed of EVA, adiprene (a marginally softer EVA) or adiprene+ (markedly softer than adiprene but often used sparingly). They tried out new techs, Bounce (a series of hard TPU tubes) and climacool (EVA midsoles with holes in […]

I’m finally back after a two week vacation in Costa Rica.  I had an amazing time but I’m sorry to have gone radio silence on WPW.  Not really optimal and we’ll work on that. Just in time for the Derby tonight, I wanted to drop a few special edition posts, […]

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