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“Mike had to work on stuff that didn’t come naturally to him, more so than other catchers who maybe do it more naturally.” –Mike Scioscia (skip to 3 minutes for the stuff Mike Napoli decided to work on in the 2011 playoffs while Scioscia worked on his golf game) Treat this […]

The shoes are pretty.  The swing, not so much. In honor of the man who turned athletic footwear into a religion, here is a list of our 23 favorite baseball cleats inspired by basketball shoes.  Thanks to @SandlotSpikes, a guy who knows as much about baseball gear as anybody, for giving […]

Glove Custom Wilson A2000 G5 (the link is a SuperSkin version—Middlebrooks does not wear SuperSkin) Middlebrooks wears the 11.75″ G5, a single post reinforced web that you can only get through WilsonCustomGloves.com.  The G5 is a quarter inch bigger than the middle infielder’s G4.  Unfortunately, you can’t create Middlebrook’s all black […]

Our boy Gemini Keez is getting better and better as the season wears on, giving us an up-close view of the gear we want to see.  Check out the Marlins’ and Mets’ gear choices from this past weekend and vote on your favorite piece below. Wilson A2K DW5 Rawlings Heart […]

By Andrew Houghton For every Chandler or Marucci with a storybook rise to the top of the bat-making game, there are dozens of small manufacturers all across the country fighting to do the same.  Beltway Bats in Arlington, Virginia is one of these fledgling companies, grinding away at the lathe, […]

A quick gallery thanks to WPW’s eyes on the field, @GeminiKeez.  You can find some other gear-related shots on his website, KeezOnSports.com.  The guy just GETS IT. Here’s the links to the gear pictured: Rawlings PROS17ICBR NIKEiD Gamer Cleats Nike Air Max Plus UA Spine Venom New Balance 4040v2 adidas […]

Source In another concussion related incident Yorvit Torrealba is borrowing a Wilson Traditional Steel mask from colleague Wilin Rosario as opposed to the titanium Nike Mask he wore prior to the concussion. It turns out the Rockies Head Athletic Trainer Keith Dugger pushed for the switch. I find it interesting that a trainer on a team would […]

After a nightmare 2012, Boston is running away with the division thanks to some new additions to the ballclub.  First year starters Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, and Will Middlebrooks are putting up softball numbers, driving in a combined 41 runs since August 25th, leading the team to an 11-3 record […]

Here’s some links you might be interested in as I head out of town for the weekend: More on the rampant concussions and the titanium vs. steel argument (that Noah broke down for us the other day) from TwinCities.com The 1967 Oakland A’s, the originators of the fresh whites, had to […]

I watched the Cubs play the Phillies a few days ago and as always I paid most attention to Chooch Ruiz and Wellington Castillo catching. Now you may have noticed that Wellington Castillo puts his skull cap forward underneath his helmet, instead of the traditional backwards cap. Just about everybody […]

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