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15 Most Wanted Products from MLB Playoffs + 4 We Don’t: Machado, Betts, Buehler, C-Flap Helmet

Here’s our favorites from on and off the field during the 2018 playoffs.



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The World Series looks bright.

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Betts’ Beanie

Mookie Betts’ striped beanie that harkens back to its ancestor, the striped baseball sock.  The striped baseball sock is such an X-factor, so if its too damn cold, you ought to have this beanie as backup.  The MLB Shop offers many cold weather teams in this style (and the 75 and sunny Los Angeles Dodgers), but somehow doesn’t offer the Red Sox!  Must have sold out.

Jill Weisleder/Los Angeles Dodgers

Walker Buehler’s Wilson A2000 HG12 Glove

Walker Buehler’s rookie regular season campaign was shockingly great (he was better than Kershaw in just about every category), and his rookie postseason opened MLB’s eyes to the future Ace of the Dodgers.  Buehler has a fearless demeanor, and showed the ability to seize the spotlight.  The proud Dodger wore a bright blue Wilson A2000 HG12 glove with red trim on the mound, to go along with Kyrie 3 shoes converted to cleats by Custom Cleats.  If the glove didn’t get your attention, the 99 mph will.


adidas mi adidas Icon Bounce – Worn by Aaron Judge, Kike Hernandez, Brandon Woodruff

adidas was hyping the “Splash” pack but the custom Icon Bounce (pictured on Kike Hernandez) stood out more to my eye on-field.  Honestly I can’t remember if the Splash pack was on the field at all.  The Icon Bounce is offered on adidas’ website, but unfortunately, they are only offering very limited base colors for this cleat.  We tried our best to make a nice alternative of the Icon Bounce cleat on the adidas custom builder, but the white with the team gradient (like Kike has) is what we liked.  Shop Icon Bounce in-stock colors on Baseball Express.


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Add a Moose to #Brewers postseason lore. #OurCrewOurOctober

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Moustakas’ Franklin Powerstrap Navy & Gold Batting Gloves

Swaggy murder gloves. We love the Powerstrap. The Powerstrap is now available on Franklin’s custom builder, and we built a similar colorway you can get at this link (basically switch out the gold for silver).

Austin Barnes’ Away Nike Catcher’s Gear

You’re not gonna find a more Big League set of catcher’s gear than Austin Barnes’ away Nike set. Literally you won’t find it anywhere. Not for sale.  The gray base color with blue trim over the gray jerseys is flawless.

Joc Pederson’s Jordan 1 Wheat

Joc wore these Jordan 1 “Wheat” shoes on his way into the ballpark during the World Series.  They serve as a reminder that the Jordan 1 is one of the most versatile shoes ever made.  With the Jordan 1, you can dunk on somebody then wake up the next day and go to church in the same pair of shoes.

Actor Sterling K. Brown’s Gucci Houndstooth Yankees Coat

I want to start by saying that if you’re paying $550 for a t-shirt, you’re an a__hole. I got no love for the “I wear it because its expensive and I’m rich” philosophy. With that said, Aaron Judge SHOULD AND MUST show up to the park in this $5,500 houndstooth coat by Gucci. He needs it.  Every Yankee needs it. As it is, actor Sterling K. Brown, in this coat, has to be the baddest grocery shopper on planet Earth.

Chris Taylor’s New Balance 4040v4 Cleats

A sharp custom NB 4040v4 for Chris Taylor.  Get this exact cleat (add your own number, too) for $170 at this link.

Juan Ocampo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Kenley Jansen’s Jordan 9 Cleats

The majority of requests are for info on Manny Machado’s Jordan repertoire.  Though he was pulling out a new pair of PEs seemingly every night, Machado isn’t the guy who’s cleats WE liked best.  The simplicity of Kenley Jansen’s Jordan 9s are what we like best, whereas Manny’s cleats were a little busier.  The turfs though?

In this close up of Machado’s Jordan 9 (perhaps being worn by Matt Kemp) from Dodgers’ incredible photo blog, you can see the Machado logo as a pattern on the grey/white part of the shoe.  In our opinion, Machado’s turfs were better than his cleats.  Hunt for 9s on eBay.

Mookie Betts’ Jordan 9 Cleats

Betts’ red 9s just jump off the page.

Joc Pederson’s Elephant Print Huarache Elite 2 Cleats

Pure sauce.  Get the Alpha Huarache Elite 2 here.

Also worth a mention…


…and Stanton’s.


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You’re right, @Cubs. We are coming for you.

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Curtis Granderson’s Stance Socks

Grandy knows the best Brewers logo is the “MB” glove logo.  Stance offers the script “M” in this striped style, but unfortunately not the glove logo.  They have the glove logo in a similar crew style.

Orlando Arcia’s Wrist Tape Job

Orlando Arcia’s wrist tape is a few inches away from mummy status.  As far as we can remember, no one has ever taped more of their wrists (& forearms) than this.  The type of tape Arcia uses is just like this Mueller Spatting tape, available at this link.

Markwort C-Flap Face Protection – Yelich, Stanton, Didi, Baez, Arcia, others

Maybe the only helmet in helmet history to make you look cooler.  Buy it here.  Rawlings also offers a new one-piece (no screws) helmet that will likely be popping up even more than the Markwort next year.


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Dodgers are traveling in style. ❄ Via: @dodgers

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Matt Kemp’s Entire Wardrobe

One of the most stylish athletes on the planet.


Joc Pederson’s trusii Hydrogen Water

We noticed Yung Joc walking into the stadium with this fancy little six-banger with the word “trusii” on it and it tickled our curiosity.  We looked further into trusii, a company made up of a “diverse and collective team of dedicated health care professionals, physicians, scientists, nutritionists, and current and former athletes.”  They claim tremendous health benefits in a souped up “stylish” $10,000 water dispenser.  I’ll stick to my tap water and when Joc starts hitting 600 foot homers maybe I’ll reconsider.

Any of Puig’s bats

Do I really need to explain?


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Manny is too smooth right now.

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This Pre-Game Look from Manny

First thing Manny should do when he gets his new contract: go buy 5 gallons of gas, dump every ounce of it on this jacket, and light a match.  I know Manny is better than this.

Marlins Man’s Visor

A lot of camera time for this to be your only look.

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