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Bryce Harper Talks with WPW about the Harper One, his 1st Signature Cleat

Today is the birthday of Bryce Harper’s first signature cleat, the Harper One.  In the above clip, Harper talks with WPW about the cleat, his inspiration (Steph Curry), and his goals for the cleat.  The Harper One is available today, the black and gold “Unanimous Edition,” with more to come (keep reading for release details).

Bryce Harper Harper One Gold Cleats

As far as the video, hearing Bryce talk about Steph Curry and how the Curry shoe played into the development was cool, but I was really impressed with Harper’s answer to my second question.

I asked him about the durability/comfort of the shoe, and knowing that Harper himself wears a hybrid metal/plastic combo, I was keyed in on that question since I was initially disappointed that the retail versions do not offer that combo—they are only metal.  Harper knocked that question out of the park in my eyes:

“I really tried to tell them (Under Armour), these kids are going out there every single day playing on fields that are hard as a rock… I wanted them to go out there and say ‘Hey, the comfort of this cleat is amazing… my foot is on a foam mattress.'”

That quote tells me that Bryce was not only involved in the process, but he even brought his own insights from how he grew up playing.  He knows that WE, THE BALLPLAYERS, don’t play on Big League-manicured fields with a dedicated grounds crew.  He knows the fields we play on aren’t at that level because he played on those fields too, and he had our best interests in mind in the decision to go all metal.  I really loved that.

Now for release details in picture form:

Bryce Harper Harper One Gold Cleats

Unanimous Edition, out today.

Bryce Harper Harper One Platinum Cleats

Platinum version for the All Star Game releases tomorrow.

Bryce Harper Cleats Harper One White

The white Harper One, which Bryce said was one of his favorites, drops 8/1.

Bryce Harper Cleats Harper One Black

Black on black, 8/1.

Bryce Harper Cleats Harper One Red

In time for the holidays, the red/black version drops 12/1.

Bryce Harper Harper One Cleats Blue

The black & blue bruiser on 12/1 as well.

Harper One Neon Sunrise Cleats

Bryce called this one “Neon Sunrise,” and said this one was his favorite so far.  EXPECT THIS ONE ON 12/1!


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