Franklin’s Home Run Derby and All Star Game Batting Gloves Breakdown, with a Very Nice Surprise


Franklin sent through the Derby/All Star exclusives for their guys lucky enough to be elected to the game.  Even luckier, they whispered in our ear that, aside from the Red/White/Blue ASG gloves already available, 3 versions of EACH player’s batting gloves (in the actual player’s size) ARE AVAILABLE NOW.  Again, only 3 PAIRS OF EACH will be sold on  A couple of notables on this list:

  • Chase Utley’s Pro Classics above, which might just be the sexiest glove in baseball
  • Lucroy’s blue/digi-camo Pro Classic, a first from Franklin

For my money you can’t beat Utley’s whites, but which are your favorite?  And with 3 of each available (in the actual player’s size), why not get the real thing?

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