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Bryce Harper Unveils his Under Armour Harper 2 Cleats

Bryce Harper 2 Cleats 8

Whenever I look down at my phone and I see “@bharper3407 tagged you in a post,” I know some heat just dropped.  This time, its his all-new Harper 2 cleats from Under Armour, Bryce Harper’s second signature cleat.

It feels like home! Harper2?? #BH34

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We know nothing about the release of the Harper 2 cleats except that Under Armour is asking for e-mail addresses at this link.

Bryce Harper 2 Cleats 9

We are going to have our cleat expert Ben weigh in on the Harper 2, but until then, I’ll give you my knee-jerk reaction to them.

I really like the full coverage of the half-tone pattern of this cleat.  Its an evolution of the Harper 1, which I also really liked, and I’m excited to see what they do with the colorways.  I also appreciate the simplicity of the cleat and the fact that it will look as good from the dugout seats as it does in the 3rd deck.

bryce harper under armour harper 2 cleats

I get a Curry 3 vibe from the Harper 2 which is no surprise.  Harper told us at the release of the Harper 1 that he looked to Steph’s shoe for some ideas to replicate the comfort and stability of a basketball shoe.

I’m very excited to hear more about the plate on the Harper 2 cleat, which looks all new, so hopefully Ben can weigh in ASAP.

Here’s some more images of the Harper 2 cleat and keep an eye out for more info as it develops, or you can sign up for UA’s newsletter to get the latest.

What do you think?

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