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Why Does Brandon Phillips Use a Wilson “Paddle” Glove in Practice?

Brandon Phillips Glove with Training Glove

Gemini Keez threw up a fresh batch of swag from a recent Reds/Mets tilt.  Aside from the gorgeous photography, we keyed in on the crazy-looking Wilson item that looks like a A2K Datdude that got run over by a truck.

Brandon Phillips Paddle Training Glove 2

You might already have assumed that this was a practice item, and you’d be right.  WPW asked Wilson Product Manager and Designer Ryan Smith what exactly Phillips uses this for.  This is what he had to say:

(It) is a paddle for infield training.  It is used to help develop quick hands and a quick transfer.  Aso makes one for him every year to try and match his game glove.

Brandon Phillips Paddle Training Glove

We asked whether something like this was available, but this is a one-of-a-kind, even without all the fancy leather.  Wilson does not make paddle trainers (aka pancake trainers).

Fortunately, we did find a few alternatives:

You can find some other alternatives from under $10 all the way up to Spalding’s premium leather trainers at $149.99.

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