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WPW On-Field: Royals vs Brewers (Mostly Royals with a Touch of Lucroy)

Salvador Perez Franklin Batting Gloves 2

WPW got a chance to drop in on the champs, the Kansas City Royals, as they took on the Milwaukee Brewers last week. Most of the studs were in the lineup, so we got a little peek into what’s in store gear-wise in 2016.

Salvy’s Franklin CFX Pros looked just as they did in the World Series.  Worthy of an MVP.

Yordano Ventura Louisville Slugger Glove

Yordano got hit around in the first, surrendering three runs.  You’ve got to wonder if the Royals just do that type of thing for fun just so they can mount an enormous comeback and demoralize the opponent.  They came back and won it, just like they always do.

Ventura wore an all-blue Louisville glove with a finger-hood over the middle finger.  Since he goes two-in-the-pinky slot, the hood is for his index finger.

Mike Moustakas Franklin Powerstrap Batting Gloves

Moose wore the Franklin Natural II batting gloves last year and even an adidas model but this spring he’s wearing Franklin Powerstrap BGs.  We talk about those, which are expected to release this year, here.

Mike Moustakas Rawlings CONO10 Bat

Moustakas was one of the first guys swinging Dove Tail Bats, which are very popular in the KC clubhouse, but we saw him swinging Rawlings lumber vs. the Brewers.  His “COÑO10” model is a 33.5/32 maple.  Judging by that model name (which we’ll take a wild guess is not going to be available to the public), Mike is picking up some choice spanish words from the Royals’ latino players.  On a related note, NOBODY has more fun than the Royals do in the dugout.  Its a block party down there.

Mike Moustakas Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO1000-1KBM Glove

Moose let me photograph his beautiful Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO1000-1KBM Pro Mesh glove.  This thing is a work of art.

Mike Moustakas Rawlings Pro Mesh Glove

We’ve recently seen Moose wearing an adidas glove in spring so I mentioned it to him. He said he liked it, but its not something he will use in the game. Expect to see the Rawlings beaut out there as usual.

Mike Moustakas Rawlings Glove

Alex Gordon Nike Cleats and Evoshield

Alex Gordon (above strapping on his Evoshield leg guard over the Trout 1s) put a hurtin’ on the Brewers staff that day, going 4-4 with a bomb very reminiscent of his World Series-changing moonshot off Jeurys Familia last October.  Sorry Mets fans…

Alex Gordon Digs In

Gordo hit both bombs with the same stick, a Dove Tail G174 maple 34/31.  Its available at that link.

Alex Gordon Varo Weight

We saw Gordon loosening up with the Varo Arc.

Salvador Perez Rawlings Gear

Its no surprise that Salvador Perez was looking fresh in his Rawlings gear, similar to this set that is for sale.

Eric Hosmer Under Armour Yard ST Cleats

Hosmer, like Gordon, swings Dove Tail. His model is the HOS (34/31), available at this link.

Hosmer Lizard Skin Wrap

The HOS model has a flared handle with no knob. Former Tiger great Alan Trammell also swung one of these, and our bat historian Rocky wrote about it a while back.

Hosmer’s Under Armour Yard Clutchfit BGs are one of our favorite styles.  We’ve seen so many batting gloves over the years and I rarely get that excited about ’em, but UA just seems to deliver.  Their designs are sick and they constantly update them.  Get the Clutchfits here.

Jonathan Lucroy Gear

Mixing in a little Lucroy for the catchers… his System 7 gear is digi-camo.  So are his NB 4040v3 cleats.  So are his BGs.  Jonathan Lucroy likes digi-camo.  So do we.  Except not the digi-camo jerseys.  Its overkill people.



Eric Hosmer Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRODCTSL-125 Glove

Eric Hosmer Rawlings Glove 2

Eric Hosmer Rawlings Glove

We also got a real good look at Hosmers’ new girlfriend.  She’s a fair-skinned PRODCTSL-125, the same model as his blue gamer.  I asked Hos if this was gonna be his gamer, and he told me he’s working her in for that purpose.

Hosmer Bomb

And then he went up and hit a no-doubter.

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