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Alex Bregman, fresh off a Futures Game appearance, got the call today and answered it with a web gem on Day 1: Your browser does not support iframes. WPW saw Bregman (and his leather) at the Futures Game recently… Bregman wears a Single Post from Marucci which is available, just […]

Embed from Getty Images Jurickson Profar swung his way back to the Big Leagues after a long absence due to a slew of injuries. He went deep with UA Yard Clutchfit batting gloves, but really just looked fresh in this pic with the Memorial Day UA swag so I had to […]

We showed you the top bats swung in the MLB last week, and now its time for the gloves. In this report, we tallied the glove choice of every single MLB starter, not just the players we’ve profiled on What Pros Wear. To be clear, that is Baseball Reference‘s primary […]

Feast your eyes on four years’ worth of data on MLB All-Star Game bat usage.  Below find a graph of the five companies that have been represented at each of the last four All-Star games: The raw data is here, which includes every brand that was brought to the plate at any […]

Today we recap the 10th year of MLB’s pink take-over.  The manufacturers get to have a lot of fun with it, and they know the cameras will be popping. Under Armour hooked Wil Myers, Joe Panik, and others with the UA Yard in pink.  These are unavailable in that color.  Dee […]

A few updates that we’ve mentioned on social media, including Robbie Cano’s makeover from Nike to NB and Franklin. Above are two custom pairs done by Mache Custom Kicks, the first hard evidence that Robbie is officially an NB guy after seeing him pose with Jose Bautista in some NB […]

Last year WPW made some noise after posting this article, disputing the truth of Louisville Slugger’s claim that they were the #1 bat at the 2013 All Star Game.  After researching it we concluded that Louisville was not, in fact, #1, but it was Marucci, swung by 12 players to Louisville’s […]

After breaking down the brands worn by MLB stars in our last post, I wanted to dig a little bit deeper.  I wanted to show you guys EXACTLY what the pros are wearing, down to the very last detail.  To do that, we’re breaking down the patterns and models worn […]

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