Opening Day Giveaway: Your Very Own Wilson Custom Ballglove from WilsonCustomGloves.com

wilson custom gloves

Some very good news on an already glorious day.  In honor of the Best Day of the Year, Opening Day, Wilson green-lighted the mother of all giveaways, the chance to build your very own dream glove.  And the only thing you have to do to enter is build it.  I legitimately can’t think of a better way to ring in the new season than with a ballgame on the TV and building out a new girlfriend on WilsonCustomGloves.com.  You’re welcome.  Here’s how to enter:



  • Design your dream glove.  Pick the best pattern, position, leather, colors, laces, logos, names, numbers you can think of.  Make it the prettiest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Take your time.  Clear your schedule.  Ask your teammates.  Instagram it.  Talk to your family about it at dinner time.  Make a Powerpoint.  Pray about it.  This step is not to be taken lightly.

dream glove


wilson finished glove

  • On the right side, click the Twitter button to share your glove.  (If you didn’t click “REVIEW YOUR GLOVE” in the previous step, you did it wrong and won’t be entered because we can’t see your glove.)


twitter sharing

  • WPW will pick our FOUR favorite designs.
  • Those FOUR will be taken to a March Madness style vote, with the semi-finals on Friday, April 4th, starting when I post the matchups and ending at 5 pm Pacific time.
  • On Saturday April 5th, the remaining two entries will battle it out in a vote to see who will have his or her dream glove made.  That vote will begin when I post the matchup and end at 5 pm Pacific time.

Some tips to help your chances of winning:

  • Make a great-looking glove.  Its a beauty pageant.
  • Get your friends involved (obviously) in the voting.  Share it with them.
  • Don’t cheat.  Don’t pester me.


  • Entries are limited to one per person/Twitter account.
  • I’m a human with a brain, reviewing every entry, so if you just make up a ton of Twitter accounts I’m going to figure it out and you’ll just be disqualified with no reinstatement.
  • One winner will be chosen on Saturday, April 5.
  • No purchase necessary.

If you haven’t already, jump on WilsonCustomGloves.com and get started.

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