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All 18 Gold Glove Winners and their Model

The most prestigious defensive award in sports.  341 players in the history of the game can say they are Gold Glovers.  You’ll find this year’s 18 winners and their choice model below.

Dallas Keuchel

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12-4KB

Dallas Keuchel Rawlings Glove

Dallas Keuchel Glove

Keuchel Glove

Keuchel wins his 3rd consecutive Gold Glove with one of the prettiest of the bunch.  His PROS12-4KB with a Modified Trap has everything in all the right places—the orange stitching and gold labels just sets it apart.

Zack Greinke

Rawlings Gold Glove Series RGGPRO1200

Zack Greinke Glove

When we were at Spring Training with Rawlings, it was this glove that stood out among the rest for its incredibly soft leather.  The feel is insane and everything on this glove is premium.

Salvador Perez

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSCM41

Salvador Perez Rawlings Gear

Salvador Perez Rawlings Gold Catcher

Salvy’s 4th consecutive Gold Glove comes with perks.  Nobody gets treated better than Perez when it comes to leather—he has his own model, the PROSP13B, which he doesn’t even use, instead opting for the wrist-strapless PROSCM41.  Salvy also uses the All-Star lace-on wrist guard which you can get here.

Buster Posey

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSCM43




Posey breaks out from the enormous defensive shadow of Yadier Molina for his first Gold Glove, though he’s always been a tremendous defender with the PROSCM43 that he’s used his entire career.  More info here.

Mitch Moreland

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROPRFCG

Mitch Moreland First Base Mitt


Moreland’s mitt is the same pattern as former teammate Prince Fielder.

Anthony Rizzo

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROCMHCB2


Decent year for Rizzo, huh?  This is the Pujols model with blue lacing, which Rizzo uses to vacuum up any baseball within reach.  More info here.

Ian Kinsler

Nike SHA|DO Elite J Custom

Ian Kinsler

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Ian Kinsler Glove 2

Source: Keith Allison

Kinsler gets his first Gold Glove in a year where the AL 2B crop was absolutely stacked with names like Cano, Altuve, Pedroia, Odor, and Kipnis.  The glove Kinsler uses is a Nike SHA|DO, Japanese leather, with a filthy custom design.  One of the sickest gloves in baseball, Kinsler’s glove measures 11.25″, though the grey trim doesn’t really do it for me.  More info here.

Joe Panik

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB



I texted Joe, my high school second baseman, to congratulate him on his first Gold Glove.  What’s the first thing he says?  “Gonna have that gold patch on my glove!”  That is what you call SWAG WITH DISTINCTION.  Only 341 baseball players in the history of the game can say that.  Joe’s Pro Preferred I-Web will still be the 2B standard web, but the patches will set him apart.

Those Crawford-to-Panik double plays will look even better now, if that’s possible.  More info here.

Adrian Beltre

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP5TLB

Adrian Beltre Rawlings Glove 3

Adrian Beltre Rawlings Glove 4

Adrian Beltre Fielding

Number 5 for Beltre at age 37.  Next year he’ll cross 3000 hits and in two years he might pass 500 home runs.  One of the best 3rd basemen of all time.  He shares the PRONP5 pattern with Machado and Donaldson, among others.  More info here.

Nolan Arenado

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI




If you were putting money on the next guy to get to 10 Gold Gloves, Arenado is the clear favorite.  He’s won the Gold Glove in his first four season, and the eye test will tell you that he probably won’t lose for the next decade.  He’s crazy crazy good over there at 3rd.  His Rawlings PRO12-6TI plays pretty flat, which is a style that Tulo and Josh Donaldson also favor.  More info here.

Francisco Lindor

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Lindor and the Indians snuck up on us this year but he’s a bona fide superstar after his performance in the playoffs and now with his first Gold Glove at age 22.  He wears an 11.75″ I-Web.  More info here.

Brandon Crawford

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-6KB




Giants are quite strong up the middle, wouldn’t you say?  Posey, Panik, and Crawford who took home his 2nd consecutive Gold Glove this year.  Crawford might be my favorite defender to watch because he is so good at every facet that, when you combine the first step, the range, the athleticism, the hands, and the arm strength, he takes hits away that no one else can.  More info here.

Brett Gardner

Mizuno Pro Limited GMP700


Brett Gardner Glove

Brett Gardner’s a first-timer, slipping past perennial favorite Alex Gordon and Colby Rasmus, a great CFer turned LFer.  The Mizuno GMP700 is really just a big net and the perfect compliment to Gardner’s jailbreak speed.

Starling Marte

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO303-6KB

Starling Marte Rawlings Shoot

Starling Marte Rawlings Glove and Hat

Starling Marte Inside Rawlings Glove

Marte is the total package.  He hits, he runs, he catches, he throws.  He throws a little flair into this PRO303, which you’ll be seeing a lot of, with the neon stitching and yellow laces.  If you made this combo on the Rawlings custom builder, I’d probably give it a thumbs down, but having seen it for myself in person, its dead sexy.

Kevin Kiermaier

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO303-6KB

kiermaier jumps smallest 2

Kevin Kiermaier Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO303-6KB Glove

Kevin Kiermaier Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO303-6KB Glove 3

Kevin Kiermaier platinum glove

No need to say much, just watch the video.  Kiermaier is the man and very passionate about his defense.  He gamed the gold-labeled version (not the platinum/blue-laces).

Ender Inciarte

Wilson A2000 1799

Ender Inciarte Wilson Glove

Lorenzo Cain

Inciarte’s 1799 pattern is the most popular outfielder’s glove among Wilson players.  Inciarte picked up a Superskin Y-Web at Spring Training as well, but stuck with the traditional 1799 and made some incredible plays at the wall with it in 2016.

Mookie Betts

Wilson A2K 1799

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Mookie Betts Wilson A2K Glove 1799 Glove

Mookie Betts Wilson A2K Glove 1799 Glove 2

Mookie Betts Wilson Infield Glove

Betts is the type of athlete that could play anywhere on the field and be the best player there.  He came up a 2B, but moved to the outfield for Pedroia, another Gold Glover (and finalist in 2016).  Jackie Bradley was in center (another finalist), so Betts slid over to right, a position he had barely ever played before, and won the Gold Glove.  He wears the same pattern as Inciarte with higher-end leather.  More info here.

Jason Heyward

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303-6JB

via @geminikeez

via @geminikeez

Jason Heyward’s got a hole in his swing the size of Cuba but he plays such incredible defense that the Cubs don’t even care. He just won his 4th Gold Glove with the PRO303 pattern, this one in black with red embroidery and lacing.

Final count:

  • 14 Rawlings
  • 2 Wilson
  • 1 Mizuno 
  • 1 Nike

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