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Despite debuting in 1984, the Air Jordan 1 is still one of the most popular sneakers and is regarded as an instant classic. Much of this allure is due to a series of Nike ads referencing the shoe being banned by the NBA. The only problem is; many people believe […]

Jordan brand put together an extra-special pair of Jordan 9 cleats and shoes in celebration of Mookie Betts’ 2018 MVP.  Jordan cleats are exclusive enough, but these Jordan cleats are a collector’s holy grail.  Thanks to @reconbeatlab for the images. The 1-of-1 cleats and shoes celebrate Betts, the first 30/30 […]

BY IAN BURGESS Over the past several years, there has been an emergence in MLB players who have used the Custom Cleats Inc. service to turn their favorite sneakers (mostly Nike/Jordan basketball or training shoes) into spikes to use in-game. The charge for a pair of Custom Cleats includes all […]

Things have been a little crazy with WPW lately and I missed out on a couple of items that you guys should already know.  A couple of weeks ago, Vic alerted me to the release of the Jordan 4 Retro cleat that you see above.  They are available in a […]

By Ben Stockton As intensely interested as I am in footwear, I have always had an eye on the cleats worn by MLB players. I’ve asked myself, is every brand equally represented in baseball?  Do the top-, mid-, and lower-tier players wear equal amounts of each brand? How do those brands fluctuate over time? […]

Sneaker Bar Detroit showed off Jeter’s Jordan All Star cleat, modeled off the current Jordan Jeter Lux, but with an epic new look that celebrates Jeter’s All Star appearances. Check out Sneaker Bar Detroit for many more images.  Check out Jeter’s entire profile here.

Brian Wilson customized his Jordan 12 cleats for Australia.  You can see the continent itself on the left along with a Koala and Kangaroos.  Cuz, you know, that’s all there is in Australia. No Crocodile Dundee is an embarrassing oversight. Johnny Gomes politely added some Victus wood to his collection […]

There comes a time when you’ve looked at enough cleats, just based on sheer hours of time spent, that your opinion on the subject has to matter.  These are the best baseball cleats for the 2014 season, from 6 people who spend too much damn time looking at baseball cleats. […]

  By Will Startup I thought I had snagged my prize pair of cleats back in August with a sample model of the Jordan Trunner Dominate Metal. I had seen a fuzzy picture earlier this summer from the Jordan Brand catalog of the Air Jordan 12 metal and molded. I wondered if this […]

  Bat Louisville Slugger R219 Ash (34 inch/31 oz, cupped) Crawford has been swinging a Louisville Slugger R219 Ash most recently (below).  He’s also been known to swing the Marucci RB15 that you see above.  Both models are custom-turned for the player, but you can check out Louisville’s Prime Ash […]

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