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We’ve been moving around the infield, listing our favorite gloves at shortstop and second base.  Now we take a look at the hot corner. The third basemen in this group keep their glove designs clean, but, as any legit third baseman knows, a 3B glove looks best dirty. 6. David Wright […]

Rawlings finally releases a stock TT2. This once rare but popular glove has finally found it’s way back in the Rawlings lineup after a hiatus. Oh, and it has everything we wanted too: Horween Tan leather (same stuff Tulo has) that is stiff, formable, and durable. It looks great too. […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Rawlings has a glove for that.  The Rawlings PRO-HOPE, a Heart of the Hide that supports the fight against Breast Cancer: The colorway doesn’t have too much pink, but just enough. The PRO-HOPE even has a ribbon and the word ‘HOPE’ embroidered on the […]

The shortstop position in the Big Leagues is an elite fraternity of the greatest, most athletic fielders in the world.  Shortstop, aside from catcher, is the most demanding position on the field, and a player’s glove is his livelihood.  Here are the best gloves that the best shortstops are taking to their spot […]

Today we present to you the findings of our 5th season tracking bat usage in the MLB All Star Game.  Since 2012 when WPW was founded, we’ve tracked the game’s bat usage as an unofficial barometer of the pro wood bat industry.  Correction: For the first time ever, Victus cracks the top […]

Rawlings shared a video today of Salvador Perez‘ All-Star chest protector, exclusive to Salvy but very similar to the Velo gear available here. Along with the chest protector, WPW also got an exclusive look at the leg guards that Salvy may (or may not) wear for the game: Look for […]

Rawlings dropped a few special edition gloves to celebrate the 4th, and to fully appreciate their beauty, I call upon the GOAT, Ray Charles (hit play then scroll): The PRO-MERICA Brandon Phillips pattern—aside from an absolutely gorgeous Heart of the Hide leather, you have the unique American flag patch, which […]

Platinum Glove winner Kevin Kiermaier’s ride to baseball excellence was unexpected, even to Kiermaier himself.  In this extended interview, we discuss everything from his journey to the Bigs, his nickname “Outlaw,” and as a centerfielder myself, I couldn’t help but pick Kiermaier’s brain on the advanced techniques of the best […]

The day that WPW visited Astros camp, I had no idea what to expect from Carlos Gomez.  The perennial odds-on-favorite to lead the league in “Brawls Started” may strike you as a tough guy, but when it comes to his “baby,” he’s quite the opposite. “I take care of my […]

When AL MVP Josh Donaldson isn’t bringing rain, he’s snatching would-be-doubles out of the sky at third base.  As one of the best third basemen ON THE PLANET, we really enjoyed picking his brain on his gear and strategies, and JD was happy to talk about it.  The biggest thing I […]

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