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As gloveheads go, there are few topics as polarizing as mesh.  Some players can’t get enough of this synthetic material and some want it eradicated from the Earth. Despite your opinion on mesh, its benefits cannot be ignored: it is mathematically proven to reduce your glove’s weight by up to 15%. If you’re […]

Following up our 2017 MLB Glove Report and Catcher Report, here we’ll break down, MLB bats for the 2017 season.  What bats do pros swing?  Which brand makes the most popular bat in the MLB?  Read on to find out. Other good info for those shopping for wood bats: The Best […]

2018 Rawlings Velo Bat Review – Price $199.95-$299.95 The 2018 Rawlings Velo has been one of the top choices for hitters due to its solid performance and extremely low swing weight. Their Comp Lite end cap has a lot to do with that low MOI (moment of inertia).  The Velo […]

WPW on-field with an awkward Interleague matchup of the Mets and the Rangers, starting with the Mizuno leather of Mets’ top prospect SS Amed Rosario (who we recently featured in the Futures Game). Rosario’s gamer is a GMP600, available in Mizuno’s beautiful chestnut color at this link. WPW photographer @geminikeez […]

There’s a certain swagger in your step when you’re cruising towards back-to-back 40 bomb seasons in Oakland.  You might be surprised to learn that this is a swagger that Oakland has never seen before. Khris Davis sits at 28 on July 26, homering every 12.9 ABs.  That puts him right […]

Jake Lamb‘s gear has been added to the WPW app. To download the app, which is better than the website: Click here to download iOS.   Click here to download Android.   Or click here for a text that will take you to your proper app store on your phone. The truest app review we’ve […]

Bryce took a few minutes to chat with WPW about his gear and his heroes recently.  You can see the full 6 minute video and shop Bryce’s gear on our free iPhone and Android app.  Links below to download. iPhone: http://apple.co/2ppvzcd Android: http://bit.ly/2pDZGry

WPW was on-field for the Rockies home series vs. the D-Backs.  This is what it looked like through our lens. Patrick Corbin keeping the Trout 2 alive.  I wonder, will there ever be a day when Nike sells Trout Retros like they do Jordans?  I could see the Trout 2 […]

Rawlings’ red/white label means baseball.  Its no surprise they stuck with it for so long.  But ever since they released the Colorsync gloves in 2016, they’ve been making better looking gloves, hands down.  These mocha and gold Pro Preferred models are pure heat.  The fact that there is a model for every […]

Mike Trout played in his first spring game today, and WPW was there to see him debut—with a new glove.  Trout dropped Nike and went back to the glove he wore when he first stormed into the MLB in 2012, the Rawlings Trap a la Griffey. This time, Trout gets […]

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