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Russell Martin took a little time away from the Spring grind to chat with WPW about his gear choices, including his Rawlings glove and chest protector. We don’t want to bombard you with Blue Jays, but we had gotten several requests for a catcher, and Martin was the only catcher […]

Troy Tulowitzki (ever heard of him) sat down for a few minutes with WPW to talk about the finer details of fielding, including his glove, the TT2, his strategy as a fielder, and off-field style among other things. If this video doesn’t compel you to subscribe to us on Youtube, […]

Curtis Granderson checks in with WPW about his new gamer for this year. He talks about how he’s getting it ready for Opening Day 2016, and why he chose an H-Web over a Trap-eze.  We also touch on the off-field style in the Metropolitan clubhouse.  Here’s a few more looks at […]

We had a chance to talk with Kolten Wong about his new glove for the year, which he told us will be his gamer.  Its a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP2JR, 11 1/2 inch glove with a cool new “V-Web” we’ve seen on Manny Machado this Spring, too: Some […]

Starting Pitcher Lucas Giolito, Nats #1 prospect, chats with me about his glove, and a little bit about off-field style. He’s a great guy, and his curveball is “bowel-locking.” Follow him on IG @lgio27. Here’s the piece:

Gearing up for spring training (we’re headed to Florida next week), but I wanted to share our next video with you guys.  We’re going to call this one “What’s in the Bag” and its pretty self-explanatory.  What do you keep in your baseball bag?  First up is our boy Josh […]

God’s honest truth, I have never even considered buying a turf shoe. They’re real fancy and all, but I have shoes that serve the same purpose, they just aren’t called turfs. The Trout 2s have changed that for me. I want the Trout 2s to be my shoes, like for […]

We showed you the top bats swung in the MLB last week, and now its time for the gloves. In this report, we tallied the glove choice of every single MLB starter, not just the players we’ve profiled on What Pros Wear. To be clear, that is Baseball Reference‘s primary […]

Our most popular post now and for the last couple of seasons has been our “Top 3 Bat Brands Swung by MLB Stars” post.  We did that post in 2013, and its time for a much needed follow-up. A few words about the chart: Its not scientific. Our research is […]

Fellow USF middle infielder @afs23 isn’t hurting for glove swag either. Davis also showed off OSU’s Huarache Pros for 2016. Texas was the first school we saw with these babies.  It’ll be interesting to see if the gloves have improved from last year’s debut.  We had a UNC ballplayer weigh in on the MVP […]

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