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Zion Williamson

Has the NBA ever seen a force of nature like Zion Williamson? Many have compared Zion to hall-of-fame players like LeBron James as well as a dominant hooper like Shaq. In college, Williamson commanded the game with his brute strength. The man weighed 285 points when lacing up his Nikes at Duke, which would’ve made him the second heaviest player if he was in the NBA in 2019.

This compared to four years prior, when a high school 6’3″ Zion weighed just 175 lbs. Despite the bulk, the former Duke Forward never lost his speed. With how hard he runs, you can imagine a 40-yard dash from Zion would shatter records a la Bo Jackson. Like the legends of Bo, a physician once compared taking a charge from Zion to a head-on collision with a Jeep.

Zion’s speed combined with Zion’s instincts helped make him a premier pickpocket at Duke. Many of his steals led to breakaway dunks, with 360s and windmill slams amongst the power moves in his bag. This athleticism also translates into emphatic blocks, many of which you can view here in Zion’s locker.

Zion Williamson is a highlight machine, so further

Image: @pelicansnba

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