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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s humble background and demeanor has endeared him to NBA fans all across the world. At one point, KD was almost too likable, to the point that when Durant and Nike launched his KD V shoes, Nike’s message was that KD was in fact “not nice.” The Mr. Nice Guy perception vanished when Durant stunned fans by leaving Oklahoma City for the enemy, Golden State. Durant has played the villain well, winning multiple championships and Finals MVPs alongside the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

Kevin Durant has had many nicknames throughout the years. Slim Reaper, Kid Dynamite, The Servant, Durantula, and (just) KD. After joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016, those were replaced with Cupcake and Snake.  Call him what you will, there’s no denying the skill set. Durant’s 7’0″ wingspan and quick release make his shot unblockable, and he’s lethal from just about anywhere in the gym. While KD has denied it in the past, Durant’s listed 6’9″ height is actually closer to 7 feet tall. Even with his height, Durant moves like a guard with the speed and body control to score at will.

Below, we take a look at Kevin Durant shoes from past to present.

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